Come on and Take A Freeeeeee Ride…

I have been off the grid of late because I have been waiting for the new bus changes. In order to attract new riders and give some relief to the regular riders as a reward, all rides are free this week…wonderful incentive! Monday I went down to my regular bus stop. It was once a 14 Hiram Clarke but had be “reimagined” as the 84 Buffalo Speedway. There were about 3 others there at 6 in the morning. Bus came, we got on. At the Texas Medical Center Transit Center, it had a different bay than the 14 and this … Continue reading Come on and Take A Freeeeeee Ride…


Vacation: The act of getting away from the routine of life to better appreciate the routine of life once the routine of life is resumed. Electronic mail: The technological way to inform/disrupt. We returned from Florida on a Tuesday. At the top of the email was a notice of the passing of a deacon’s wife the day before. I knew she had heart problems so I figured her heart just gave out. On Wednesday an email about a man I knew from church having a procedure, in critical condition, and later in the day, that he had died. On Thursday, … Continue reading BACK ON THE GRID


I had been looking forward for months to July 8, the day when the National Federation of the Blind would break a world record. Not just attempt, but actually do it, because the National Federation of the Blind never fails at any opportunity to prove blind people can do anything. So here is the link to my facebook album coverage of the event. Joe and I got up at 5 and got a snack to fortify ourselves and joined the throng at 6:30. Once we were in our appointed places, best I could tell, we were 15 rows back. We … Continue reading HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN A GUINESS WORLD BOOK RECORD

Something of interest

National Federation of the Blind to Attempt GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title Orlando, Florida (June 24, 2015): As part of the celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), the oldest and largest nationwide organization of blind Americans, members and supporters of the NFB will attempt to set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for largest umbrella mosaic. Over 2,170 individuals (the current record, achieved by PT Philips in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2012) will simultaneously raise umbrellas to create an image that can be viewed from above. The National Federation of the Blind record title attempt … Continue reading Something of interest

No Parties, No Presents, But He Is Important

Today is the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. John, a wild man living in the desert, living off honey and locusts. According to “A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land” by Tom Cutts in December 2004, John’s honey was “date honey crushed from dates, and that the flour for his bread came from grinding the bean of the locust tree.” I went on to read several articles of a later date and they all agree that locusts were grasshoppers. Guess what. I don’t care to split hairs and nitpick. It is John who is important and what he represents. Here … Continue reading No Parties, No Presents, But He Is Important

Sports Hacking and Weather Non-Event Pretend I am a newspaper today. When I first read about the Hallowedbethyname St. Louis Cardinals hacking into the “lowly” Astros site, I was aghast. As in, why? I had never heard of Ludnow when he was hired so the Cardinals link did not jibe with me. So I started reading stuff on it and got the gist and connection immediately. That the Cardinals felt the need to even steal info from the Astros is pretty sad; after all, it is the Rangers who have Prince Fielder now, not the Astros. That Ludnow failed to make a better password … Continue reading Sports Hacking and Weather Non-Event

Tropical storm Bill

These are two pictures taken off local channel 13 KTRK, currently “stalled off the coaast of Matagorda.” This morning at 6:18 I noticed it was full light. I did not hear the birds as I usually do at first speck of day to cross the horizon, but I heard a few when I went out to get us donuts. No cereal today. Metrolift is not running; buses and rail are, probably until Bill washes ashore to deluge us with rain… Continue reading Tropical storm Bill

Juuuuune Swoooooon

I love baseball. I cut my baseball teeth on Milo Hamilton broadcasting for the Atlanta Braves in the 60s with a team that consisted of the likes of Hank Aaron, Ralph Garr, Mike Lum, Felipe Alou and Orlando Cepeda. On April 4, 1974, living in Alabama, I sooooo knew that Hank Aaron would tie the Babe Ruth record for home runs, I called in sick. I watched on WTCG (now TBS). And I saw him break the record four days later. We moved to Texas in 1981 and I was delighted when Milo followed a few years later. I have … Continue reading Juuuuune Swoooooon