Carrying on

The last I wrote on this site, we were in the process of moving to Alabama.  Well, we did.  Did not go well.  We were not very happy with the apartment there; two bedrooms, two baths, actually maybe one and a half bath; the half bath had a shower the size of a postage stamp and that is the bathroom Joe was close to and the one we used to take a shower.  The other bathroom became inundated with ants.  Exterminator came and they all crawled into the tub to die and I never bothered to wash them down the drain, just let them stay.

It was a very quiet place.  We started out upstairs in D.  The month of December….well, let me back up a bit.


We did move to Alabama and began a round of Joe seeing a doctor who thought his word was gold and would not tolerate me begging for a change from the 12 or so pills a day was taking to something more manageable.  We switched to a group of doctors who were better with attitude.  They did a little but not much.  Joe was referred to a nephrologist and a cardiologist and he went to both for various tests and stuff.


The month of December he wound up in rehab and we moved from unit D to unit B in the same building.

He came home December 28 to a Medicaid bed which he hated; spent the first night almost continually saying all night, “I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep.”  I was working with that bed one Sunday after we had come home from a trip to Hazlehurst trying to find a place to live; I had given up on whatever the problem was and stumbled over Joe and fell between the bed and a chest of drawers.  Sprained my left ankle, the same one I had sprained working at Reliant Stadium couple of years ago.  Wound up having physical therapy on it.

In Feb I guess we went back to Hazlehurst looking for a place to live.  Nothing.

On June 5 we headed over there again.  In Eutaw, Alabama, Joe fell out of the car trying to get to the bathroom.  Called an ambulance.  We stayed at the  hospital for 6 hours before leaving.  I don’t think the word stroke was ever mentioned.


We made it to Hazlehurst round 10pm; EMTs came when Joe fell again; got him into the lobby then our hotel room.  Same ones came the next morning to take him to the ER as he simply could not walk.

Left the ER to go to a Dr ofc who direct admitted him to the hospital.  He was there for a week.  He spoke.  He spent a lot of time trying to get out of bed, determined that he could walk.  I had to spend nights with him not that it helped trying to keep him in bed.

The day after he was admitted to the Hazlehurst hospital the local paper appeared in his room.  House for rent.  I went to see it and took it.  Joe was furious at first but was okay the next day about it.

One day he had a severe coughing spell, turned blue, coded, was resuscitated and transferred to St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson on a ventilator.  I told the nurse he was DNR.

A week later they wanted to transfer him to another place.  I pulled it up on my phone, got all bad reviews of it.  Told Social Services to find another place or keep him there.


The doctor came down and said they would remove the tube.

He breathed about 10 minutes on his own and died June 20, 2017 at 8:52 a.m.  He was cremated.  His cremains are now in Ohio, in a town of those who loved him absolutely the best.  Proper interment in August.

I moved into that house I rented.  Talk about needs work.  There was not even a fridge or stove in the house and I inisted on such.  “They” tried to get me to pay $100 more a month for that but I consulted lawyers who said that was illegal and not to sign a new lease.  So if “they” want to evict me “they” jolly well can.  I can afford much better in Jackson.


But I am here for the time being.  I am in Mississippi, where Joe wanted to be, working.


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