Baseball Desert

Well, it figures.  Thirty-five years in Houston and I admit, I did get spoiled with a hometown baseball team, which meant I was always assured of a game every day, unless they were on the road and rained out because THEY do not have a roof over their baseball head.  Our cable system “matured” so to speak and we also got the Texas Rangers.  Since they were (then) in opposing leagues, I was not terribly interested in them UNTIL I realized, hey, dummy, they play the Red Sox, the Yankees and the Indians.  So….I got to where I could keep up with them.  Astros, Rangers, Espn, Cubs until they go toooo big for their britches even before winning a World Series and stopped coverage to all of us except those living in Chicago proper.  There were still the Astros, Rangers, and Espn.

In Anniston, Alabama, we opted for the local yokel cable one.  They do not carry MLB.  Or NBA.  NFL, yes.  Very helpful. To their credit they do carry Fox Sports and the Braves Network.  My heart drops when I see in the paper the MLB listings, the games we are missing!!! I notice a lot of neighbors have satellite dishes.  We have resisted.  Dishes go out when it rains, or at least messes up a lot of stations.  This might last 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or more.  We had severe weather here last Tues and Wed so I can only ass-u-me a lot of dishes went out.  Our cable at least stayed put.

So like today, the Braves are off, so we do not have a local game.  Espn will have a 7pm game, yay, but MLB has games before that and we are bereft unless a college game is played.

Well, this drought will eventually end.  And not by us investing in a dish (shuddddderrrr).


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