hell-thee; rated pg for adult language

I realize it has been a few months.  In short, we moved from Houston, Texas to Anniston, Alabama on October 11.  I drove all night, gaining a healthy respect for truckers in the process.  I followed a truck for miles, mainly to stay on the road to keep from falling asleep.  When I got too sleepy to safely drive, we stopped at a rest stop that plainly said NO SECURITY but I felt secure enough with a dozen 18 wheelers around, so I slept behind the wheel for maybe two hours.  I was reminded of the time we took flight out of Houston for the hurricane that never came, driving only 50 miles due to all the traffic, stopping to sleep, the cars just kept going and going, earth moving.  But I digress…

I knew Joe had health issues when we left and coming to Alabama we worked on them.  He wound up in a rehab facility the month of December, leaving New Year’s eve.  The month he was there, I co-ordinated our move from apt D to apt B because he had such trouble with the stairs going up to D.  I tried to make light of the situation, telling we were moving from apt dammit to apt bitch.

In January we drove to Mississippi for the School for the Blind reunion; the afternoon we got back I fell, stumbling between Joe’s hospital bed and two chest of drawers.  Re-sprained my left ankle and for good measure badly bruised my right shoulder.  Took phys thrp for the shoulder a little bit and for the ankle.

We live in a baseball desert.  Our cable provider does not provide MLB.  We watch a lot of college games.  Opening day for baseball is April 3 and ESPN will apparently carry some games, it appears, when not carrying basketball.  WVOK, the radio station which raised me on rock, is on a different spot on the dial and has been playing Braves spring training games on the weekend.  They will carry the games when the season begins.  So there is that, particularly on Thursdays, when there may not be any games on tv but the Braves might be playing.

Minutiae you may or not wanna know: My silverware drawer is not divided; I have everything all in there and just poke around for what I want.  The dangerous stuff, knives, and my big cooking spoons and spatulas etc are in former dishwasher baskets for silverware.  I have “repurposed” two for that and it is an absolute lifesaver.

The stove’s saving grace is that it is a Kenmore, not self-cleaning.  I have one of those large aluminum things on the bottom and so far is still fairly clean; in the upstairs apt, that stove cooked the Thanksgiving turkey, rudely interrupted by an ambulance rid by Joe to the hospital which led to the rehab visit.  The turkey had cooked an hour; I did think to turn off the stove so the turkey sat there for several hours and I came home and stuck it in the fridge and completed cooking later.  Then bagged everything.  We ate on it for weeks when Joe got home.

Joe has the “master bedroom” that has the bathroom steps away; mine is across the hallway.  I always wash my face first in the morning because if I toilet and then wash I feel like I am washing my face IN the toilet, that is how close it is in there.  Hate it.

Joe wants to work.  If Alabama Industries for the Deaf and Blind cannot come up with an opening, last resort, L.C. Industries in Hazlehurst, MS might.  We both just keep praying for a job opening.  Period.






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