Game Day Year ‘Round

The best thing about moving to Alabama is getting to wear my Auburn shirts.  I forgot I had one on one day until someone told me ROLL TIDE on the way out of the place where we were.  I just grinned back.


I revel in that stuff.  I have sorely missed it.  In Houston, if I saw someone wearing a Bama shirt, I would tell them WAR EAGLE and we would just laugh. But in Alabama, it takes on a whole new meaning.  I love the looks I get when wearing my Auburn shirt, the smiles, the thumbs up, the “oh, one of them” and probably worse-thinking.

At a funeral home recently, I was telling the husband of the friend whose father had died about my daddy and I being the only Auburn fans in the family besides a nephew; how, if he had seen a youngster wearing a Bama shirt there, he woulda said, “nice kid.  Just needs to take that cuss word off his shirt.”  That drew a laugh and he pointed to the man with him and assured me I was in good company.

This past Iron Bowl (or Arn bowl), Joe was in one of the hospitals and I am sure I had stuff to do so I only know that Auburn did  not win.  But I had on my Auburn shirt.  I ran into “mixed” couples, one with Auburn shirt, one with Bama shirt.  I used to read about the outrageous bets people made.  I tell people that I married safe: I am for Auburn, he is for Mississippi State Bulldogs.  On the day those two teams play, it is very quiet in our house.  Don’t have a clue what happened this past meeting of those teams.

Be assured, at this very moment, chat rooms and talk shows are stylizing the next Auburn win over Alabama or vice versa…it is the heartbeat of this state…

Odds and ends from previous blog:

Our apt does not have a food disposer.  I have to keep a bag of trash in the fridge in addition to the ‘real’ trash can.  I gave up wasting dishwash powder; I wash the dishes and put them in the dishwasher on quick rinse that runs 15 minutes.  Weekends I might have to run a longer cycle due to using more dishes than on weekdays.

Usually, if we were still in Texas, by this time of year, we would be eating cereal.  We abhor oatmeal; we have been eating fruit and grain bars for breakfast.  We drink pineapple juice.Joe drinks coffee on weekends and I drink 99% caffeine free latte mix, add water…


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