STAGE I: Prep for Going

Today we hooked up with Alabama Power and Oxford water.  Took a couple hours to download a form, fill it out, scan and send it and ID cards and forms hither and yon.  I named the forms but document file did not show properly; pictures did.

We close on this condo a week from today.  That has been the utterly worst part, the waiting.  It has been harder on Joe than it has me; he just wants the money to bank and then leave.  He’s afraid the buyer won’t bring money or a check or something, on and on he invents grousing excuses.  I keep telling him it’s gonna be ok, that we will not be cheated or scammed or anything.

We have lived in this condo since 1998.  We are not taking all the furniture I have found various kiosks to give clothes, shoes, household items.  I got three of those wardrobe things, configured one to put in our coats.  I don’t think it is quite right but it might do, movers might can get it outta here.  I will try to get the other two done right for our hanging clothes.

We will have cable one for entertainment, or as a nephew calls it, “cable none.”  It seemed that way in the hotel in Ms a few months ago but for home it might be different.  I pulled up the channel listing and read them to Joe.  I told him they have NFL but not MLB, but when he heard the various channels for sports and MSNBC he was happy.  We could get ATT on satellite dish but we are not interested because our experience, in the hotel and rectory in Vicksburg that we were in for a week, when it rains the dish goes out.  Cable stays put.

I have auburn shirts in pristine condition that I can wear there as here I wore them only during an auburn game.  Before the aggies joined the SEC, no one had ever heard of Auburn.  I have seen several Bama fans here and I always tell them WAR EAGLE and we laugh.  It just is not the same in Texas as it is in Alabama.

When I felt sure we were going to Kansas City, I ordered a praying mantis shirt to wear on the day we move; by the time it got here Anniston, Alabama, population 20K is where we chose as our final destination.  I will  keep the mantis shirt in case the Royals make playoffs/world series; failing that, I will find a clothes kiosk in Anniston to put it.  I started a new book but stopped it until after the move.  And hey, someone has been getting my books.  I got my first royalty check of a whopping $1.38.  I was terribly pleased.  So here they are again:







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