Agony and Ectasy

Our life has been in flux for several months.  But the decision has been made.  We are going back to Alabama to live, in Anniston, on October 11.


It was not an easy decision.  Joe, still reeling from the kick in the gut of being laid off February 11, spent a few days in the  hospital in June, getting blood pressure stabilized.  This after three months of searching the internet beginning at 6am most mornings and getting no particular feedback.  As long he was getting unemployment he had to look for a job, so he told TWC fergeddaboutit and became retired.

After the NFB National Convention in July, people told him to call a place in Kansas City, Missouri.  They were hiring.  So he did.  We flew over there in August; Joe took the job test and passed and he also passed the drug test.

So that was the easiest part.  We began looking for a place to live.  We discovered that the listings  on Trulia and Zillow for houses for rent was a scam, and to look on Craigslist.  Being as even worse things have happened doing that, we took a pass and decided on an apartment.  But the filling out process was a bit of a do and we were approved easily enough after coughing up $415 for background check and whoknowswhatelse.  Plus, if we wanted to fly over just to get the keys, we would have to pay a prorated price in addition to our full rent for October.

So we looked at Alabama again and I found a place that had some units readily available and viola, for a much lower price we got a 2 bedroom apartment.  We can fly over and get the keys a few days before and not be charged and bring our stuff back.

This process has been toooooo protracted and toooooo far more difficult than a body should have to endure.  We are still getting out before the Super Bowl invades Houston, which has been the goal all along.

So…awwwwwwaaaay we go….




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