Still Here

Well, the Hazlehurst, MS trip fizzled out; I think I jinxed it by talking about it and having such high hopes for it.

I suppose the most important thing that has happened between now and then is that Joe definitely considered himself laid off and retired.  It just took a while for that to sink into reality.

Last of May we went to Vicksburg, MS to look for a place to live and stayed three days in the convent used as the rectory by the priest there while he went to a funeral in California.  We looked at a few places, found them tooooo small.  We have stufffffff.

So we have decided on Birmingham, Alabama, renting a house with a friend.  We graduated high school in 1970; he met Joe before Joe met me and once we married, renewed acquaintance and have just remained friends lo these many years.  Just looking for a house now…




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