Time Passages


Well, it is not December as the song starts out with,  but April.  I have been on the quiet side for a variety of reasons.  We went to Hazlehurst, Mississipppi, the week after Christmas and saw in the New Year, then came back home to Texas.  The Broncos won the Super Bowl.  Peyton Manning retired shortly thereafter.


February 12, 2016.  We were about to run errands, get our respective hair trimmed then grocery shopping and stuff.  Just an ordinary Saturday.  Then Joe’s cell phone rang.  He started talking; I started the car and began driving.

We were very close to our hair shop when Joe closed his phone and said, “They have let me go.”

“Who has let you go?” I inquired.

“Reyrey,” he replied.

To my credit, I was still able to drive without going into a ditch, pull up to our shop, and park.  We went in with shock on our faces, I am sure.

We endured our “pre-rodeo haircut” and went home.

Joe does what any man age 67 does, who has been let go after 20 years due to “company cutback,” we began the endless circle of sending out Joe’s resume to companies via resume services.  Monster.com advised “name your resume” so we chose “Blind Guy Wants A Job.”

Only one customer service job has been the most promising, for a position to be open “late spring or early summer.”  Well, Joe is not one to simply sit and wait, he wants to be Out There Earning A Living.  Which has a lot to do with why I married him, as I was sure he was not going to a guy I would have to babysit, and to his credit, this has been the case.  He is an independent man.

So he contacted L.C. Industries in Hazlehurst, Mississippi, where he worked when he was 16 years old and it was called Modglin (sp?) Maid.  He is to show up Monday for an interview and we will tour the plant.

We are going to mass on Saturday night and leave on Sunday.  Up at 5, on the road by 6, then allowing time for breaks and food, should be there by 4.

We have looked into the possibility of getting a repossessed property.  Joe says all you do is pay the back taxes.  I saw some in Hazlehurst and neighboring Brookhaven.  I understand the papers post auction notices in August.  We have the name of a realtor and will be in contact with her about all this.

Selling our condo was not that big a deal.  We are round the corner from NRG; someone has been buying units to rent out as retirement income so gave us a muuuuuuch better deal than the low-balling WE BUY UGLY HOUSES who offered only 10k.  Had the nerve to call back to reiterate all that.  I told him not to call us back.

That is where we stand now.

Texas charges no tax on food; Mississippi charges 3%.  Houston has no zoning; Hazlehurst does but small enough to not be annoying on the matter.  Houston population 2.19 million 2013; Hazlehurst population 3950 2013.  Nearby Brookhaven, where we might also light, their population 12,513 2015.

Houston now has a black mayor after having had a term-limited mayor who was gay; the governor of Mississippi just approved a bill making it okay to refuse services to a gay couple.

At least they are both in the central time zone.  And both are redneck Red States.

The picture above is on my book WISP, which has sold 5 or 6 copies on amazon.com.  Very reasonable price in both print and kindle.

Links to both books:








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