Food and Drink

Well, here I am, off the grid for awhile.  The Astros made a valiant effort but fell to the the eventual American League World Series Champions.  Football season intruded the last couple of weeks and once I turned to it, after the last out in the ninth inning of the World Series, there were the Texans, with a revolving door for the quarterback, with seemingly only JJ Watt and his tantalizing personality to interest people in watching the Texans.  So they have now revived, leading their division, have two games left of the season.  The game with the Titans is the one I sincerely want the Texans to put in the “W” column.  When we went to the Football Hall of Fame after Warren Moon was inducted, in taking those pictures, I made sure to avoid getting the Titan stuff in any picture.

The Oilers leaving for Tennessee made very real that Janis Joplin song “Take Another Piece of My Heart” to the extent that I have really never warmed to the Texans.  We live right around the corner; we get up on a home game Sunday and to 7 a.m. mass and come home and are off the street the rest of the day.

We will actually be coming off a rare driving road trip their last home game, so I will make sure to get home at such a time so as to avoid traffic…

So, enough of that vent.

We went to the Woodlands this past Saturday, for a Christmas party Joe’s company was having, first one in several years.  Free likker, free food, very good entertainment, though not enough 60s music for my taste.  We stayed overnight.

I was raised a Billy Graham Southern Baptist, decided to become a Catholic when I saw the funeral of President John F. Kennedy.  I was not raised in a drinking and dancing environment.  When we moved to Texas in 1981, I explored liquor.  I discovered I could not drink beer due to the hops or something not agreeing with me.  I discovered wine coolers, and even mimosas.

This party? My drink of choice was club soda.  I have discovered that I can get by (and slightly high) off the mere smell of the liquor in the air.  I wake up sane and hangover-free.

I discovered some years ago that Jack in the Box serves monster tacos and I really like those and the tacos at Taco Cabana.  I care nothing for breakfast tacos.  I will eat them at church when the Knights of Columbus have their Pancake and Taco Sunday, I eat the potato and egg.

To get you through the rest of the holiday season, I leave you with two items I share with facebook on this occasion:  Well, the other which would delete the first is a birthday cake saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS…




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