The Sporting Life, part two…


The New York Yankees were just old dogs unable to get off the porch and run after those pups the Houston Astros, it seemed. Last night was spectacular magic.

You might be wondering about those pictures. One is of me courtesy of channel 13, and the other is of me courtesy of channell 11. Once the Astros clinched the wild card on Sunday, the Bear and I ate supper and moved on to watch the Saints beat the Cowboys.

Getting up at 4:30 a.m. per usual, Monday morning, I saw that the Team Store at Minute Maid was doing a brisk bizness. I had an errand to run with the car — get the low tire pressure sign off at the first cool breeze of the year, enough to disrupt the tire’s usual good feelings — then I parked it somewhere and took the bus and train downtown to Minute Maid. I could have taken the 6 Jensen and gotten off and walked 2 blocks there, but the train to Preston I was much more familiar with when I did a grand jury stint, so it was like walking a block and crossing the street maybe four or five times. I turned on Texas and walked in the first open door. I went into the Team Store which was, indeed, open, and filled out a little slip of paper for a drawing of a gift card. The presence of the shirt for the wild card win was not present, currently, so I humored myself by looking around for an orange Astros shirt and anything, anything which might be priced reasonably. A shipment of shirts came in, I stood in line and got my shirt, and it was after that when I was approached first by channel 13 and then by channel 11. And a reporter from the Chronicle. If he did write about me, I guess it was just online only on Monday, as I have not seen it on subsequent days. A search for “Shaidnagle” on the front page of the Chronicle, interestingly enough, did reveal that I have writtent them several times, commenting on Whine and Dine, a column that runs irregularly but I enjoy reading about places I will probably never have the pleasure of eating.

Anyway, ch13 was polite enough, I told Jeff Ehling I had seen him on teevee and that is why I was there. Channel 11, we had a nice conversation but the guy suddenly asked, aren’t you excited? Show me some excitement!! So I whooped and hollered a little bit, and wouldn’t you know, that is what led off the 4pm news segment.

I got one email from a friend who saw me and a phone call from another friend who said she saw me. My former hospital workmates, I guess they were too busy grinding away, have not heard from them.

We just happen to have a good friend who lives in Kansas City. He and the Bear share the same birthday. He came over to help us celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary in September, and I told him a few times over that weekend that our teams were bound to meet in the playoffs. So that has come to pass…


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