The Sporting Life

This is a difficult time of year. The Houston Astros are yo-yoing their way, halting and lurching, maybe into the playoffs, perhaps into a wild card spot, into the World Series. The Houston Texans are 0-2 and people are consulting psychiatrists to deal with it.

Then there is college football. I will be honest: I only follow Auburn, Alabama. They are 1-1 as is their state rival. Thanks to ESPN and local stations, I do know that Rice won this past weekend, as did the fellow SEC A&M Aggies. All other teams just have to fend for themselves as far my attention is concerned.

I married “safe” in that the Bear follows Mississippi State Bulldogs. I think our teams play one another this weekend. I will not tell him the score until the next day. We are supposed to be going to a makeup date for a company picnic. I am going to lobby staying at home because in the midst of all the sports Pope Francis is in the United States and I am watching segments of those.

Well, we shall see.

Having lived in Alabama from ages 5 to 22, I can assure anyone who inquires that the rivalry between Auburn and Alabama is as real and visceral as befits the imagination. Everything one might have read and been told is true. No other rivalry comes close to such depth and that does include Texas and its pro and college teams. Woe to the couple that falls in love and marries and creates a “mixed” sports marriage. Auburn and Alabama can both win and lose however many games in preparation of the Iron (or Arn) Bowl in November. That truly is the only game that matters to anyone statewide in Alabama. I have a few SEC- and Auburn-related pages on Facebook and fires are already being stoked. There are people I don’t unfriend, simply unfollow so as not to get their Auburn-hating posts. I do see people in Texas wearing Auburn shirts and even Alabama shirts and my “WAR EAGLE!” greeting, while acknowledged, does not hold the same level of intensity of love or hate that it would get in Alabama.

Oh, not a real Cowboys fan, either.

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