Deep Throat(s)

Baseball Heaven collected to itself a motley collection of flowers this month: Joaquin Andujar, Gene Elston, Milo Hamilon and Yogi Berra. Joaquin was a pitcher. The first time I heard his name I thought they were saying “Walking Underwear,” but once I saw the name onscreen, I understood, but in the back of my head from then on, I always thought, Walking Underwear. Gene Elston was the Astros announcer from 1962 to 1986. To me, milquetoast at best. Not much emotion in the calling of a game. Along comes Milo. I first heard Milo when I was 12 years ago … Continue reading Deep Throat(s)

The Sporting Life

This is a difficult time of year. The Houston Astros are yo-yoing their way, halting and lurching, maybe into the playoffs, perhaps into a wild card spot, into the World Series. The Houston Texans are 0-2 and people are consulting psychiatrists to deal with it. Then there is college football. I will be honest: I only follow Auburn, Alabama. They are 1-1 as is their state rival. Thanks to ESPN and local stations, I do know that Rice won this past weekend, as did the fellow SEC A&M Aggies. All other teams just have to fend for themselves as far … Continue reading The Sporting Life