Baseball and Manners

So, I have been watching Pearland’s performance in the Little League Championship Series yea verily these days, not every pitch, but enough to wonder why more things do not carry over, besides that hand slapping that goes on when the game is over. That strikes me as silly and unnecessary; I was so hoping it would be a temporary thing. I turn the channel as soon as the game is over because I do not want to see it.

There was one game during the series against one of the teams a few days ago when the umpire behind home plate drew both the catcher and coach aside to talk to them. The announcers thought it had something to do with perhaps the catcher did not agree with the ball being called a ball, and perhaps the umpire was telling the catcher and coach, this might happen in the majors but not here. It is bad manners.

So I thought, if that is really what it is all about, why not do that in the majors too if they are gonna do that silly handslapping? Why can the manners learned in Little League not be carried over into the Major League?

During one game in the majors yesterday the umpire made a batter pick up his bat, for some reason, and I thought that was good. Batters, it seems, just throw the bat aside when finished with their at-bat, whether they hit or walk,and it does pose a danger to a runner coming in to score.

This manners thing led to extreme justice last night, I suppose; depends upon how you look at it. Alex Rodriquez was coming to bat in Atlanta and a Braves fan got carried away with booing him and ranting and raving…fell over the railing and died. Cautionary moral there…

Alex “did the crime, did the time,” and has been nothing but the picture of grace all year, just going and taking his bat, silencing naysayers with homer after homer, playing excellent outfield. I am a very forgiving person; how else can I explain being about to celebrate my 41st wedding anniversary?

My 63rd birthday the 24th of August was a nice day. I went to mass to start the day to give thanks for another trip around the sun; I did a little bus riding; on my way home I stopped to get a tiny bottle of merlot and a 7 UP and when the clerk told me to have great day I told him I would, that it was my birthday, so he told me to take some chocolates. I thanked him and took a white chocolate Reese Cup. Deeeelish with the rest of the lunch I at with a little wine cooler to wash it all down…

I include one of my favorite possessions, a cap from a radio station in Jackson, MS, onto which I have sewn five little baseball patches I sent off for, patches I have had since before I got married, showing my favorite baseball teams back then. And they still are, in addition to some others…


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