Come on and Take A Freeeeeee Ride…

I have been off the grid of late because I have been waiting for the new bus changes. In order to attract new riders and give some relief to the regular riders as a reward, all rides are free this week…wonderful incentive!

Monday I went down to my regular bus stop. It was once a 14 Hiram Clarke but had be “reimagined” as the 84 Buffalo Speedway. There were about 3 others there at 6 in the morning. Bus came, we got on. At the Texas Medical Center Transit Center, it had a different bay than the 14 and this irritated one woman whose 4 Beechnut went by as we were heading in.

I was able to get off and grabbed a shot of Jerome Gray, formerly of channel 11, now with Metro in some capacity as an information officer, and he informed me the Bellaire I wanted was, to my relief when I pointed, where it always was. So I went over there. A bus was there so I boarded. I made it to St. Vincent for 6:45 a.m. mass with mere minutes to spare.

After mass, I went to the bus stop and at the transit center took the rail to the Metro Building to get a bunch of schedules, near and far, routes I may never ride but who knows…

I began looking around for an 82 Westheimer bus to go to a store. Never found it, but I did find a bus that I rode to the Eastwood Transit Center and that is where I picked up the opposite end of my new 84 Buffalo Speedway.

It was quite educational. I was able to see at first glance during the route how the lines 73 Beechnut, 18 Kirby and 14 Hiram Clarke had been consolidated into this one. It crossed Westheimer, turned on Richmond, went down Buffalo Speedway a little but, turned on University and went through the heart of the Medical Center, by Rice Stadium. I hope they work with Rice to get students to the game on the bus that way.

It was odd to get to the Transit Center and be on the bus already. My driver, Lovings, even let me ride to the end of the line and get off right where I had gotten on 5 or 6 hours earlier.

Tuesday, with the Westheimer still in mind, I went to 6:45 a.m. mass again. The transfer to the Bellaire was not as smooth as Monday; I got on a Bellaire but the driver said he was going to be there for 20 minutes; at 6:20, my heart sank, because I thought I would miss mass. But a Bellaire came and I got on it and it left and I made it to church again with moments to spare.

Now on Tuesday I had with me a little sack of paper trash for recycle, as at the shopping center across from church is a UPS station that recycles and I have been giving them plenty of business. So yes, I wagged a sack of trash onto the bus, into church, across the street, and into the grocery store where I first read the days’ paper then a book I had brought with me. I put the paper on another table when I finished it so was able to hear someone else enjoying the paper, pointing out stuff to someone. People grocery shopping at 7 a.m. get the same stuff as people at 4 p.m. The Starbucks there does quite the business.

At 9 a.m. I got up and walked to a nearby bookstore and looked around. No 2016 desk calendars yet. It’s just August…

So I walked around killing time, read a few pages of my book, and got up to go give my trash to the UPS store who gladly took it. Only $4 this time, not the usual $6 amount I had been giving…

I walked to the bus stop and took the Bellaire to the Transit Center. I do not remember how I came to be on Shepherd and Westheimer, walking in front of St. Anne Church, crossing the street to get back to an 82 stop. Traffic is terrible right there because of construction of sidewalks on the side of the church.

So I took that Westheimer to the very end of the line and started the line over again. I got off at Westheimer and …somewere….walked down Buffalo Speedway, never saw a stop. I walked to an art exhibit store of some sort and told the lady there I needed to call cab as I could not find my bus stop. She graciously offered to take me to a bus stop. So she did. Thank you, gracious lady. Hope you had good business from your goood deed. Across the street was my right stop, an 84 and a Richmond. I took the Richmond when it came, to the Wheeler Station, and that to the Medical Center Transit Center, and the 84.

This particular 84 driver was in no mood to let me go to the end of the line and to my stop as Lovings had done the day before; I got off across from my stop and once the cars quit coming, crossed the street and stumbled up the little hill. I got home and promptly sent Metro a facebook message about this driver. I had written down the bus number and that was enough. I didn’t want his name.

Wednesday. You would think I had had enough. But noooooo. I decided on an alternate location of the store I wanted to go to, did not go to church caught a later bus. I transferred to the Richmond/Kirby. The store I wanted did not seem to be easy for walking to reach. So I got off on Westheimer and caught an 82. Finally!! some sort of success!!!

First I went to a Walgreen’s and got some vitamins. I gave the clerk $60 in one dollar bills I had just waiting to be spent. He was very kind and accepting of them.

I knew I still had half of my $1 bills on me so I walked to the store I had been trying to get to all week… they did not have what I wanted for myself but I found something for the bear. Back to that bus stop, went way down to Gessner, crossed the street to another Wesheimer bus stop. That bus I took until I belatedly saw an 84 stop. I got off and was walking back to it when first thunder, then lightning, then a torrent of rain. I took shelter at a patio furniture store and the owner had me come in out of the rain after awhile. While still outside I called my Daddy in Alabama so he could hear the rain; I called my husband to let him know where I was but ok. He could not hear the rain.

Once the rain slacked up I headed toward that 84 stop. My skechers got wet as did my socks. Sun was out. I am glad I had my NFB umbrella as it came in quite handy as it had the day before with keeping the sun out. Almost better than a hat, or perhaps better than a hat. Better because it kept me dry from sprinkles still coming.

The bus was cold once I got on it. I could swear Snoop Doggy Dog was on that bus with a woman and child. But….I thought he had been arrested somewhere and was still in jail wherever than was… so maybe not him but it sure looked like him.

There was a driver change at the Transit Center, a very friendly fellow, but I did not bother him about end of the line. I got off at the stop past mine, at a convenience store. I got two cans of tomato soup, a sack of cheetos and some punch.

I went home to a few sprinkles still. Someone had pointed out on the bus that the birds at the Ross Store sign were sitting there because there was still rain on the way. And sure enough, about an hour later, after I had eaten the soup and made a little cough syrup mixture of honey, lemon juice and ginger and the punch and shook it all up in a Tupperware glass, it rained as hard as it had on Westheimer and I was grateful to be home.

On Thursday I so wanted the bear to be able to experience the new bus route but it was raining so we drove to JCI on Shepherd and Richmond to meet a group of people for JCI 92 cent hotdog day. We fellowshipped and visited well nigh two hours. We always have a good time on this monthly sojourn to a food establishment.

It was there that I read off the ESPN tv screen that the Pearland Little League World Series game had been postponed until Thursday due to rain. So once we drove home (on Greenbriar to Main to home as 610/59 gridlock due to rain traffic) I cancelled all the recording I had going on for Pearland game.

So here it is Friday. When I began writing this, it was raining. It has stopped now, but we have decided to postpone our errands until tomorrow. Since kickoff is at 7pm, we will be able to get out, get errands done and come home, sneak out to church and a meeting after, and possibly miss football traffic getting home.

You probably did not ask for a week in the life of…but…ya got it…




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