While the Bear and I were in Orlando, we left the luxury of the Rosen chain for the plainness of the Holiday Inn in Kissimmee. I give it half a star rating. Its redeeming feature is that it is the hotel where the Houston Astros stay during spring training. Their food court consists of Pizza Inn…and the hotel kitchen. We ate at a very reasonable place called Pacino’s on Sunday and on Monday we ate supper at Sizzling and on Tuesday before we fled back to Houston, we ate at Sizzling’s wonderful breakfast buffet, to the extent that we did not need to eat anything the rest of the day.

Whine, whine…WHY were we even there? It seems that several months ago, when the Bear was making a hotel reservation in Alabama for the NFB convention there, he got roped into this timeshare presentation. Once I told him they had taken $100 of our money, we had to choose a place for the presentation so we chose Orlando in July being as we would be there anyway.

Well, we did not bite. Why get mixed up in something we already have? We don’t flit from one place to another as a rule so we don’t need a luxury palace waiting for us.

But it got me to thinking about timeshare. We share time with … email, facebook, twitter, espn, whatever channel carries our favorite sport. And while it may be ok to fly off to a 2bedroom, 2bath condo in the Smokey Mountains for some down time, perhaps some use email, facebook and twitter for the same purpose.

Oh, well…just a thought…

Big shout out to CRAIG BIGGIO as he enters the BASEBALL HALL OF FAME THIS WEEKEND. I met him once at a school mass at church, and I just happened to have on an Astros shirt and it is, of course, my favorite Astros shirt…





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