Vacation: The act of getting away from the routine of life to better appreciate the routine of life once the routine of life is resumed.

Electronic mail: The technological way to inform/disrupt.

We returned from Florida on a Tuesday. At the top of the email was a notice of the passing of a deacon’s wife the day before. I knew she had heart problems so I figured her heart just gave out. On Wednesday an email about a man I knew from church having a procedure, in critical condition, and later in the day, that he had died. On Thursday, that a friend had fallen. On Thursday night, a phone call that a friend had died. On Friday morning, that the friend with the fall had died.

On Sunday, we went to 9:30 mass to discover that the 7a.m. mass had been without lights or air conditioning. The priest said that “God must really like 9:30 mass because the lights and air came on.”

That evening we went to the rosary for the deacon’s wife.

I hasten to add here that in the midst of all these death notices, another one, of our dishwasher, letting us know by giving notice of a wet kitchen floor on the Wednesday after returning on Tuesday, causing me to yank up the carpet I keep there and bring down the value of our condo community by putting it on the balcony railing to dry. Yes,carpet in the kitchen. And the bathrooms. From growing up in country homes with outhouses and fireplaces and cold floors…

Towels put down on the kitchen floor continued to become soaking wet overnight. The carpet came down, and the towels went up. On Thursday I went to a place and made and selection and took the receipt to our all too overworked handyman. On Friday he informed me that when he went to get it, it was damaged. AAAAAaaaargh. On Saturday I called another store, same model, it was in stock. So I purchased that one and called the first store for a refund to our payment method.

So on Monday I awaited delivery which came at 5pm. On Tuesday it was installed.

On Wednesday I went to the funeral of the friend who had fallen and died. Wonderful homegoing service which my heart sorely needed.

Later in the day the carpet went back in the kitchen. Ran my first load after supper. Now this particular model does not have a rinse only cycle and I usually rinse dishes one day and wash a full load the next. So now I suppose I will have to rinse real well with hot water before I wash a full load.

So now it is Thursday. Today the bear and I are going to an ADA celebration at a hotel in Houston. Normalcy, at last…

oh…getting itsy bitsy royalties so I know someone is buying my books….grateful for that.

I was working on a third before we went to Florida and have been thinking of it from two different aspects. Will get to it…eventually…


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