No Parties, No Presents, But He Is Important

Today is the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. John, a wild man living in the desert, living off honey and locusts. According to “A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land” by Tom Cutts in
December 2004, John’s honey was “date honey crushed from dates, and that the flour for his bread came from grinding the bean of the locust tree.”

I went on to read several articles of a later date and they all agree that locusts were grasshoppers.

Guess what. I don’t care to split hairs and nitpick. It is John who is important and what he represents.

Here is the link to an article you might find worth a read:

It contains an intriguing invitation to walk the 80 miles from where the Blessed Mother was with Saint Elizabeth as she gave birth to Saint John, back to Nazareth on August 15, the Assumption. Ride a bike, run on a treadmill, walk outside…reflect on “what is to come.”

And I thought, when beginning this little ditty today, that I was gonna rail against all the excesses of the Christmas season. So now, maybe not…


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