Sports Hacking and Weather Non-Event

Pretend I am a newspaper today. When I first read about the Hallowedbethyname St. Louis Cardinals hacking into the “lowly” Astros site, I was aghast. As in, why? I had never heard of Ludnow when he was hired so the Cardinals link did not jibe with me. So I started reading stuff on it and got the gist and connection immediately. That the Cardinals felt the need to even steal info from the Astros is pretty sad; after all, it is the Rangers who have Prince Fielder now, not the Astros. That Ludnow failed to make a better password when he came over to the Astros, now that is …not mindboggling. I have to keep all my various and sundry passwords on a separate document somewhere and I have to consult it from time to time. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out, who gets the boot, who get prison time. The Cards as a whole should be denied draft picks for, say, five years. They should not be allowed to participate in the free for all that happens around All Star Game time, with swapping of players and such. The Astros have been gutted the last couple of years, talent taken away. These kids they have now, leave them be, let us enjoy having them around and growing and getting better. The Cardinals are currently leading their National League Division. Let’s see how this hacking scandal affects their fortunes…

I am glad basketball is over. Cuts into too much baseball. I do enjoy Jimmy Kimmel’s 30 minute shows; they are silly enough for someone like me to enjoy. Basketball is not my sport; I saw a lot of it at the University of Montevallo 1970-72. The college does not have a football team so it puts its energies into basketball and golf…

Now to the weather: my bear could not go work yesterday as Metrolift was not running, just medical emergencies only and for dialysis. So he will work tomorrow to get his three days. It vaguely crossed my mind about the hospital, mostly gratitude that I am retired and did not have to wake up at 3 or 4 am and get my 50 reports done. Ken Hoffman had a great column yesterday, talking about “Years back, a departing TV weatherman told me straight up that he was ordered to exaggerate the danger of storms headed to Houston.” I believe every syllable of that. Local weatherperson of channel 13 Casey Curry was apologizing earlier this morning, it seemed, saying that they had been accused of “fearmongering” was the word she used. So I pointed out to her that I live round the corner from NRG and it was those in the “hinterlands, those already out of their homes with standing water” were those most interested in this system. And I whined that I had been deprived of THE VIEW’s roundtable discussions for two days. Hoooooray. Not today.


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