Juuuuune Swoooooon

I love baseball. I cut my baseball teeth on Milo Hamilton broadcasting for the Atlanta Braves in the 60s with a team that consisted of the likes of Hank Aaron, Ralph Garr, Mike Lum, Felipe Alou and Orlando Cepeda.

On April 4, 1974, living in Alabama, I sooooo knew that Hank Aaron would tie the Babe Ruth record for home runs, I called in sick. I watched on WTCG (now TBS). And I saw him break the record four days later.

We moved to Texas in 1981 and I was delighted when Milo followed a few years later.

I have always been a loyal Astros follower. The World Series loss still causes me pain. So this new version of the Astros has been most enjoyable. They lost the last game at Minute Maid before going on the road; they lost the first game to the Toronto Blue Jays last night. Pleeeeeese, guys, you have a 4 and a half game cushion over the Rangers; overall, with a .607 average, the Yankees and the Twins have you in their sights. You have a day off June 11 and then on July 2; pleeeeeease persevere and continue to make us proud.





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